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ASC requires these libraries to build:

  1. SDL 1.2

  2. SDL Image

  3. SDL Mixer 1.2

  4. SDL_sound

  5. libSigC++ 1.2

  6. PhysFS

  7. Boost

  8. Expat

  9. Freetype

  10. JPEG

  11. wxWidgets

  12. Lua

Optional libraries:

  1. libCurl for experimental server interface

  2. Xvid for replay movie generation

If you want to build ASC on windows, please have a look at the supported compilers.


A tarball of the source is available at Sourceforge.

Version Control

ASC Development of ASC is done Mercurial. For a development snapshot of ASC2 you may run the following commands:

hg clone

For players who compile ASC themselves please get the version tagged as PBP:

hg clone -r PBP

To merge in future updates you may run the following command (when ran inside the ASC directory that was created from your checkout):

hg pull

Compilation Requirements for building ASC

ASC is currently running on two platforms: Linux and Windows. Before you can contribute to the ASC development, you need to be able build ASC on your machine.


If you are running Linux or another Unix-like operating system, the task of building ASC is straight forward: configure; make.


Developing non-trivial software on Windows sucks. See our Development page for more information.


We don't offer a compiled package for MacOS X yet, but ASC should compiles fine when installing the necessary libraries with Fink. Use mac_configure for automatically adding the necessary options to find the Fink libraries

Things to do

Once you have succeeded in building ASC yourself, there are many intesting tasks to do. These range from completely independant subprojects (like improving the map editor) to working on the core parts of ASC itself (rewriting the AI, for example). There are very small tasks, very large ones (for example internationalisation), and everything in between.

You can look at our Bug Tracker for open bugs and feature requests.

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