Advanced Strategic Command

Advanced Strategic Command is a free, turn based strategy game. It is designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series from Bluebyte and is currently available for Windows and Linux.

ASC can be played both against the AI and against other human players, using hotseat or PlayByMail. It is also used to run the multiplayer universe Project Battle Planets

Latest Versions


2013-12-28 ASC 2.6.0 released

ASC 2.6.0 is the latest version of the traditional line of ASC, featuring the classic combat model with units having a single, bounded experience property. Several campaigns are available, as well as multiplayer capabilities. However, the Project Battle Planets is already using the newattack branch of ASC, which is not compatible with this release.

The focus of this release has been polishing and bugfixes. There are no major new features. The most notable changes are:

2012-05-19 ASC 2.5.0 released

After a rather long time, ASC 2.5.0 has been released. There are no spectacular new features, but a lot of minor improvements and bugfixes. The most notable improvement is the long distance movement for units, which allows to have movement task that span several turns.

2010-05-22 Mercurial migration finished

The migration to mercurial is now completed. The repository can be found at

2010-05-13 Mercurial migration

We are currently in the process of migrating the source from CVS to Mercurial. The CVS repositories will be switched off shortly. Watch this space for more details soon.

2009-12-22 Release Notifications

It seems that just shortly after we abandoned our release notification mailing list in favor of the SourceForge subscription mechanism, SourceForge did discontinue that feature. So be informed about new ASC releases, please subscribe at Freshmeat

2009-12-21 ASC 2.4 released

ASC 2.4 has been officially released today!

Complete list of changes will soon be available at ASC240Changes

2009-06-28 Preparing for 2.4 release

With the Undo functionality, the Lua interface and I18N we now have a quite impressive set of improvements compared to the last stable ASC release 2.2 To make a new stable release , all campaign maps should be reviewed, since several were reported broken due to various changes in ASC and the units over the past year.

Any help is appreciated. Check the CampaignMaps page for more information.

2009-06-28 Translations

ASC now has first internationalization capabilities. Our first goal is to make the campaigns available in several languages. Especially the excellent tutorial campaign, which is currently only available in German, will be translated for a bigger audience.

2009-06-07 Lua stuff

The Lua scripting interface of the current nightly builds has now reached a state where it is really usable. We have a Knowledge base entry giving a basic introduction, and a growing number of LuaSamples. (links fixed)

MacOS X Progress

ASC is now working correctly on MacOS X again. We don't offer any precompiled package for download yet, but if you are familiar with the Unix build system,then compiling ASC on MacOS X is a piece of cake using Fink.

For more information, go to ASC on MacOS X

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