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Rocket Tanks may not be as powerful as a Heavy Combat Tank or as fast as a Light Tank, but it has a short range ballistic rocket array which enables the Rocket Tank to back up the heavy guns from a safe distance. Are you in need of quick support and you can't wait for the artillery to arrive? Call in the Rocket Tanks.

Weapon Systems


Can shoot after movement YES

Weapon Systems

Weapon System 0
Name small missile
Min Range 1
Max Range 2
Punch @ Min Range 76
Punch @ Max Range 76
Ammo 8
Reactionfire Shot Count 0
Can be fired YES
Can transfer ammo

Operating Height

Targets floating
ground level
Usable on submerged
ground level

Target Accuracy: Unit Types

default 100%
light tracked vehicle 100%
medium tracked vehicle 100%
heavy tracked vehicle 100%
light wheeled vehicle 100%
medium wheeled vehicle 100%
heavy wheeled vehicle 100%
trooper 25%
rail vehicle 100%
medium aircraft 100%
medium ship 100%
building / turret / object 100%
light aircraft 100%
heavy aircraft 100%
light ship 100%
heavy ship 100%
helicopter 100%
hoovercraft 100%

Target Accuracy: Altitude Difference

-6 n.a.
-5 n.a.
-4 n.a.
-3 n.a.
-2 n.a.
-1 n.a.
0 100%
1 95%
2 n.a.
3 n.a.
4 n.a.
5 n.a.
6 n.a.
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